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Cheyanne Stone, Teen Mentor



     Cheyanne Stone recently completed her freshman year at Green Mountain College in Vermont, majoring in natural resources management. During the spring and summer of 2013, she began working as a 4-H FANs IM teen mentor with third and fourth grade students at Roger Sherman Elementary School in Meriden, returning for the 2014 summer season.
     She says, “We work with the students several times a week introducing different concepts of gardening, fitness, and nutrition, essentially, showing them how to live a healthier lifestyle. The students love it, and the parents are very involved and enthusiastic about the programs.”
     “I am so happy I have the opportunity to work with the students. I’m a science person at heart, but I developed an appreciation for working with kids. Someone helped me when I was younger, by showing me that gardening is cool. Now, I want to guide others.”
     “Being a teen mentor helped prepare me for college,” she says. “This job has given me a good sense of the working world. The people I work with are incredible, and are always ready to help everyone. They’re very professional.”
     After finishing her degree, Cheyanne plans to pursue a career in environmental conservation.