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Fontaine Chambers, 4-H FANs Teen Facilitator


       Fontaine Chambers joined the New Haven 4-H FANs program during the summer leading into her junior year of high school. She continued working as a teen facilitator throughout her junior and senior year. 
       “I love working with kids,” Fontaine says. “Our mission was to make students aware of what they were eating, and encourage them to get moving and become more physically fit. The program also made me more conscious of how I was eating. I felt that as a role model, I had to lead by example.”
       “Just to hear a child say, “I ate an apple today or I played outside,” made me realize that my job meant something. It gave me a sense of fulfillment that I was doing something to benefit someone else.”
         Fontaine grew up in the New Haven area, and was surprised to discover that 4-H programs existed in urban areas. As a teen facilitator with the 4-H FANs program, Fontaine attended the 4-H conference in Washington, D.C., a trip that Fontaine says gave her an opportunity to travel from home, and experience a completely different environment.
       Currently, Fontaine is a student at UConn majoring in political science. She hopes to one day become an attorney. “I know I have a long way to go, but in due time, I will get there.”