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A Parent Success Story


      Two of Angie’s sons, as well as her nephew and niece, attend Augusta Lewis Troup School in New Haven, and participate in the 4-H FANs program. Angie attended the program with her six-year-old son, and soon began implementing many of the lessons into her family life. 
       “We started making little changes,” Angie said. “I stopped riding the bus, and I walk everywhere. We switched from whole milk to one percent. I purchased a blender and started making smoothies.” Angie replaced their sugary snacks with fruits and vegetables. She eliminated sugary drinks, opting for milk, orange or apple juice, and water. She spends time in the park with her family, playing games or walking around the entire parameter of the park grounds.  
       Angie followed the USDA MyPlate guidelines, showing her children how to portion their food, using different colors to represent fruits and vegetables, grains and protein.  
       The little changes began to add up to big improvements. The whole family trimmed down. Angie lost 66 pounds. Her eldest son lost 22 pounds, plays basketball and softball, and now eats lots of fruits and vegetables. Her middle son has an issue with one of his legs, and the exercise is improving his leg strength. Angie’s youngest son, an asthmatic, is slimmer, fitter, and breathing easier.  
       The entire family is eating foods they never once considered. Her middle son hated vegetables, but now snacks on celery with peanut butter. And one night, the family enjoyed spinach for the very first time. Angie says they are very pleased with their lifestyle changes, and plan to continue with the program.